New High Score

15 Jun

Sometimes at work I play a little game. When I see something I consider unusual in a given situation I assign a point value.

Yesterday’s surveillance took me to a popular local garden center. In the nursery I encountered two Mennonite women. Not one but two. For Vegas I scored that at 40 points.

Within three minutes I encountered two Buddhist monks. Sandals, orange robes, shaved heads… Buddhist monks. Maybe not unusual where you live, but the first I’d seen in Vegas. I scored them at 30 points each.

Finally there was the fellow by the coy pond standing stock still for 20 minutes as he stared fixedly at two turtles that were having conjugal relations (Maybe they were tortoises, I dunno). I gave him 40 points for sheer determination, and an extra 5 for standing in the only spot that would have allowed me to film my subject unobserved.

Sadly I had to leave before I got to see what the monks drove. It might have boosted their score.


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