Burn Notice (Or; What’s The Point Of Having A Blog If I Don’t Occasionally Use It To Bitch About My Day?)

19 Jul

I was up at 3AM this morning.

Not for a case or anything.

I was awakened by the steady “hurk-a-hurk-a-hurk-a-hurk-a-HURK…” of a cat taking a running start at throwing up on the bed. Few sounds in my world will wake me from a dead sleep where I’m dreaming I’m up to no good with Christina Hendricks on the Serenity (But she’s got really long hair and a kind of Bettie Page/Steampunk thing going on… not quite Mad Men Christina Hendricks, but you  know what I mean) faster than a tabby puking on the sheets. I was almost able to get him off the comforter in time (Which is like saying “I had my foot kinda amputated”).

Not much quality sleep to be had after that sort of adrenaline rush and subsequent cleanup.

So. Out of bed and off to a day of sneaky.

First stop, checking out an address for a subject I’ve been looking for going on seven months now.  They have P.O. boxes that forward to fake addresses in two different cities. Their car is registered to an abandoned  condo. They never post activities on Facebook beforehand. Candid photos are always of interiors and they never give ANY indication of where they work or what they do.

Last week I got VERY excited about a new address we found in a database that hadn’t turned up before. I went out to this place right away. Couldn’t find their vehicle and it didn’t look like anybody was home. That’s o.k., I’ve been looking for seven months, I can be patient. I was going out of town for the weekend so I found a flyer for a local pizza place and wedged it in the front door. If the door was opened the paper would fall out, letting me know when I returned that someone had been inside since I last visited. This morning I returned to find the flyer still there. Not particularly damning by itself. However, last week I wrote down the reading on the electric meter. I checked the number this morning and found only 3kw hours difference. The AC hasn’t been running. I took a chance and removed a sun screen over one of the windows, and looked in on a couple of rooms with no furniture. Back to square one. Damn. Next case.

I drove across town to get in some hours on a case I’d started yesterday.  Pretty good setup at this place. There was a line of sight between some bushes in the front yard of a house on a perpendicular street. This allowed me to see the driveway of the subject’s house from 1/2 a block away while only the rear window of my vehicle would be visible to them. Things were quiet for about 2 hours. Then the subject came out with their spouse, climbed into a vehicle, drove to the end of the street and stopped next to my vehicle. They slowly examined my vheicle. They turned around and took another pass. They went right back to the house. Smell that? That’s a burnt investigator.

I went to the office and explained to my boss. We debriefed with a map of the area. He agreed that I had made sensible choices all along the line, but it went pear-shaped anyway. It is likely that the subject has been under surveillance before and knew a P.I.’s vehicle at a glance. We let the client know what happened. We came up with a plan and I turned in the case for re-assignment.

So far I’m 0 for 2 and I have to change the sheets. But hey, things can only get better, right?

Take good care.

© 2012 Roy Guill, The Naked Investigator


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