6 Feb

I have been trying, gentle reader, to set a better pace for myself when it comes to writing in these pages. So far my output since the beginning of the year has been greater than nearly the last two years combined. At a whopping four entries I realize that’s not saying much. This week I must plead a busy caseload (Yesterday’s surveillance ran to 15 hours) and a wealth of information on the places we visited in Kerry that I’ve collected since our visit. It is my hope that along with honing my writing skills I make sure that when you decide to visit some of these places I’ll have imparted more to you now than I knew then.


This afternoon it is sunny and 72º in the Wild Wild West, so… I’ve called all my clients, I’ve written (most of) my reports, and I’ve decided to clean the kitchen at some future time to be determined later. Here I sit, and here I shall remain.


Until my wife comes home and I have to make our dinner.

2015-02-06 16.17.14


I should have the next travel post together by Monday.


Take good care.


© 2015 Roy Guill, The Naked Investigator


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